Connect Engage Thrive

Motive8 is a dynamic activities program following 8 tenants to provide opportunities for making connections, engaging in community life and helping individuals thrive.


Activities designed to encourage resident-to-resident friendships.

Community Life

Involvement in community service projects, intergenerational programs and volunteer opportunities that foster a sense of human connection and purpose.


Outlets for experiencing and expressing spirituality in independent and corporate settings.

Express Yourself

Opportunities for creative expression through art, crafts, music and individual hobbies.


Advocate, Influence & Mentor- Outlet to Advocate and influence positive change in the center as well as the opportunity to mentor new residents as they join our family.


Activities designed to keep the brain actively engaged and promote life-long learning.

Living Well

Focus on personal fitness, health, beauty and vitality.

Having a Blast

Various sources of entertainment that promote fun, entertainment and fellowship.

What’s Happening @ The Crossing at Malvern